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Suza is written about in this book on page 239 & 240. Here is a recreation of that article.
My pal, Sam Calle, who recorded with me a Haji Studios, had made millions as a record promoter. One of his close friends was JJ Jeffries, Program Director of JUPD FM in Phoenix. Sam put together a great pro-mo idea for my Demo Doctor business. He had JJ do a Demo Doctor Contest. He would advertise that his listeners could send in demos of songs they wrote and the winner would record with The Demo Doctor as the prize. That worked out well. I got paid for the session through KUPD. Another promotion for the Demo Doctor was a Showcase at The Palomino Night Club in North Hollywood. I had about thirty of my clients perforn their songs at the showcase. I had judges there to pick the winner of 'Best Song.' The winner was Suza Wood with her song "Ugly Old Men With Money."
I produced a video with Suza for "Ugly Old Men With Money," using a bunch of ugly old men extras who all worked on speculation on a 100-degree day in Hollywood at my friend James Metropole's "black box" studio.
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Female Singer SUZA LEON is the wife of guitarist/vocalist GREG LEON, of whom we also reviewed a CD. GREG LEON also plays most of the instruments and co-wrote most of the songs on the debut CD of SUZA. Musically, Greg's album was 80s melodic rock a la DOKKEN, but Suza's album is more 80s female fronted AOR/Melodic Poprock orientated. The CD of SUZA is musically going back tothe glorious 80s female fronted AOR/Melodic Rock of TONE NORUM, CINDY CRUISE, WITNESS, DONNA CHRISTY, and that sort of classy AOR. The album is titled 'Sweet Freedom,' and this is also one of the songs on the CD, which happen to be pure 80s female fronted AOR rockers "Boy Tou," "Stay With Me Tonight," Fire and Ice (great guitar work)," and "Don't Break My Heart." The most remarkable song definately "Innocence," because this song was actually first recorded by a Canadian group called HARLEQUIN in the early 80s, so why on earth it ends up on this CD is really remarkable, a big surprise, but really interesting anyway, becuase it is a great AOR song afterall. Anyway, anyone who likes classy female fronted AOR/Melodic Rock should check out this SUZA asap! More infor at:
(Points: 8.4 our of 10)

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