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She also wrote the theme song.

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Suza's music is a unique blend of Pop, Classic Rock, and storytelling Americana, Country and Folk music based on real people and the true life experiences of Swiss/Canadian Singer/Songwriter Suza Leon, who originally hails from a Hunting/Fishing Lodge called Rainbow Lake Lodge near Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada where she grew up with no telephone and one channel on T.V. There was a Jukebox in the cafe that her parents owned, which was part of the lodge, an old stack of records she was given and the country music her Dad listened to that would become the musical influences of a dream to be a singer that seemed to have no beginning or end for Suza.

At the age of 10, there were not enough children at Rainbow Lake for the city to be required to send a bus, just enough for a Limousine, so Suza and the other children rode to school in style. Even at that young age when girls were required to wear dresses, due to a Tomboy-Rebel heart, she was the only girl in the school who wore pants, which resulted in several pink slips, trips to the Principal's office, and a class picture where she was placed in the middle of the boys. At 13 she became a local track and field star when she broke the record by hurtling the high jump bar at 4 ft 8 in. At 17 she ran in "The Miss Prince Rupert" contest as "Miss Daily News" and was crowned "2nd Princess."

Following a fight with her very strict Swiss father over attending a school dance, she left the hunting/fishing lodge where she was raised, and her upper-middle class world, to live in a box car on railroad tracks and begin the pursuit of her dreams. She began studying Opera with Sylvia Holland at the Academy of the Arts in Vancouver, B.C. control, tone and pitch with Jan Cooper, also in Vancouver, and finally, focusing on range and power with Maistro David Kyle in Seattle, Washington. Suza worked steadily as a lead vocalist for many bands in Vancouver and for 6 months she worked at the Hyatt Kuilima on Oahu, Hawaii with a local 7 piece variety band "Free Style" before relocating back to Vancouver, and then finally to Los Angeles where she has worked on several projects as a session vocalist, model and actress.

At one point or another, Suza has shared the stage with, and/or worked with some of the world’s greatest musicians, including Keith Scott (Bryan Adams), Kim Shaheen (Genesis), Terry Kilgore (David Lee Roth), Roger Fisher (Heart, Clever Bastards), and currently with her hubby, Greg Leon (Quiet Riot, Dokken, Suite 19, & The Greg Leon Invasion). In June 2007, Suza’s music reached new heights when the CDs "Sweet Freedom" and "Party Girls" traveled to the "International Space Station," where they are now available to be heard by all intelligent forms of life, resulting in Suza becoming the first North American Unsigned Artist in space!

Suza’s music has been featured on two indie films that made their debut in 2008. "Oblivious," which also features Suza acting in the role of "Ruby Day" is written and directed by James Metropole and includes the title track "Oblivious" from the "Sweet Freedom" CD as well as "Stay With Me Tonight" and "Cashin’ In" written by Suza and Greg Leon and performed by "Suza." The movie, "Adventures of Power," directed by Ari Gold, includes the song "Unfinished Business," wwhich was written by Suza and Greg Leon and performed by "The Greg Leon Invasion." The film premiered at "The Cannes Film Festival" in 2008 to rave reviews.

The current line up of "Suza" consists Suza Leon on lead and back-up vocals, legendary L.A. guitar hero Greg Leon on guitar, back-up vocals, sometimes drums, and percussion, and includes Ray Rodriguez from Los Angeles, lending his magic on the keyboards, groove master Eddie Ray Smith from Maryland on bass guitar, and from San Paulo, Brazil, the amazing Fernando Rensi on drums. The CD "Suza Love Warrior" was released April 15th, 2016 and is currently available on Apple Music.

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